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How to watch Fox News on my Smart TV or similar devices?

Pay-TV services allow the subscribers to watch the Fox News channel on different devices that includes streaming devices, Smart TV, Xfinity, satellite providers, and more. You need to enter the activation code at foxnews.com/connect and then you will be able to access Fox News on your device. In this post, we will discuss the complete process of activation and many other facts about Fox News.

The benefits of activating Fox News on your device

Fox News is one of the best news streaming applications around the world. The following are the below-mentioned benefits of choosing Fox News as your news partner:

How to Sign up or create an account on Fox News?

Before heading to the activation process you need to create an account and purchase a Fox News subscription. Proceed with the following process to sign up with the Fox News streaming platform:

How to activate Fox News on your device?

After creating an account and purchasing a subscription to Fox News following the below stated steps to activate fox news:

Tips you need to consider while activating Fox News on your device

Before starting the activation process of Fox News you need to fulfill these requirements to set up your device:


You can follow the above activation process for almost all the eligible devices of Fox News. Consider the process as it is to avoid errors that may occur during the activation process. Now, activate Fox News on your device and connect with the whole world.


We are not foxnews, this website is purely for Information Purpose. We only train you on How to Setup and for Activation process, For more help visit www.foxnews.com/connect

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